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Re: Sayings that you hate now

"All you do is fuck around on the computer all day" / "All you do is play games on the computer all day" - Yep, that's exactly what I get paid for by clients to do, fuck around on the comp all day. Soon as I finish this brochure that I got the contract on two days ago and is do tomorrow, update this online catalog, and do about 3 hours a day of online classes for new certifications, I'll get back to that game of Star Trek Online you say me playing on my lunch break for all of 15 minutes before the phone rang.

"Working from home is so easy, all you do is sit around and get paid to do jack shit, you got it made." - just fucking die already, please. I'll trade my contract to contract freelance (and dwindling) income for your week to week paycheck with benefits, then you can sit at home trying to drum up contracts, deal with the headaches of clients that know piss all about what they want, then sweat when some client fucks up legally and you find out when they call in a panic about legal threats and, oh by the way, they've put you in the middle cause you did the work for them.
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