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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Well mine has shipped, but since i have been watching through "cough" other means, I feel I can comment.

As probably the first person who stated their dread of Dan Curry being involved in this endeaver, I think my fears were spot on.

I am not in any way an expert in FX, I don't do them, I have no knowledge of them. But even back in the 80's I could tell you as soon as we got a new shot, if it was Legato or Curry overseeing the FX (thankfully in a few years additional staff will come on which helped dramatically, though you can still see Curry's look with the crew's he oversaw).

But like then, his work is though flat and bland, serviceable.

With the exception of a few shots that are rip you out of the episode, utterly awful, most work, they just don't flatter the show.

My biggest gripe is how that impacted Legato's work. Take the awful episode the Child (terrible episode), but one of the best looking episodes of TNG (thank You Rob Bowman and Legato). Well we still get Bowman's outstanding work, but the FX in the child is disappointing (though still some of the better work on this set), just because it now looks like Curry's work (AARRRGGGHHH!!!).

But fx are only a small (though visually important aspect of the show), and the live action, is beautiful to see.

Review of the set
Story: C (It's a very mixed bag for me, but there is significant improvement over season 1).
Look (live Action) : A
Look Visual FX: C-

Last season to compare this is how I would have ranked Season one
Story: D+
Look (Live Action): A-
Look Visual FX: B+ (ILM work easy A, individual episode work ranging from and A to a C).

While I don't like many of the episodes of these two early season, I have purchased almost every single release of Trek from COlombbia House, to paramount issued VHS tapes through Voyager, to the laser disc, to the DVD releases and the Blu-Ray. The only thing I haven't purchased is the best of sets (the two episodes DVD release of TOS, and the original HD release of TOS, as it was clear that Blu-Ray would be the dominant format).

And as truly disappointed to the style of half of the episodes, being changed, and the overall general look of the fx not matching the beautiful live action, I can''t not purchase this release.

1. The live action is just beautiful.

2. For the first time ever I think the VAM is actually at an acceptable level. Something that Trek generally how shall I say it, sucks at.

3. In my opinion of course, the written and performed material of later seasons and DS9 (not to mention I actually think the majority of Voyager and ENT is stronger then seasons 1 and 2 of TNG) are goals important enough for me to spend 70 dollars.

Just in the hope of a release.
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