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Re: Buffy Season Six

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Kelthaz, how, exactly, is it unrealistic for an addiction to the power afforded by magic to evolve into a literal addiction to magic as a recreational drug?
How is it unrealistic for an addiction to magic to be similar to an addiction to drugs? Well, you've got me there. What was I thinking.

Or, in the context of the show, magic is not drugs. It's power. Giles even clearly states that in the first episode of Season 7. They were trying so hard to shoehorn in a real life issue that they very awkwardly turned Willow's magic issues into a very special episode about drugs. Her going to that drug dealer to shoot up with magic completely killed any interest I had in that arc that started in season 2.

I'd also like to ask why a sense of realism is even relevant when we're talking about a supernatural action/adventure fantasy series. Joss never made any attempt to put a gloss of realism on the show as a whole in any way.
Because that was the entire point of the season. After fighting vampires, demons, and gods, Joss decided to make "life" the big bad for season six. I think it was a fantastic idea, but the execution was seriously lacking due to taking things too far. I do still enjoy the season in spite of what I said, but the whole thing comes across as an unintentional parody rather than a serious look at the difficulties facing young adults.

Besides, you did see Kestrel's post saying that a better trope to describe season six would be Reality Ensues, right?
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