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Re: Love, hate and the AMT Enterprise model

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Today I recognize it as a disappointing kit as seen through an adult's eyes. Although I can recall how I felt so long ago I just can't put myself back into that youthful perspective. When Polar Lights released their (albeit small) 1/1000 kit of the original Enterprise it was a huge leap forward in terms of accuracy, kit design and build quality (ease of build). Although small it is such a superior model to the AMT kit.

And now I've just received a Premiere Edition of the new 1/350 scale Enterprise kit from Round2, forty-two years after my first AMT kit and less than a month before Christmas. There is practically no commonality between this and the old AMT kit...

...except that opening the box reawakened a feeling I haven't felt in forty years.
I think the basic mold of the AMT kit was close enough that a careful custom job can make a near-exact replica of either TOS miniature. I've seen some wonderful customs over the years, but if someone does not want to mount that kind of project, he could build it to be a perfect "catalog" model--like the box photo.

At least in that way, it does not have to be screen accurate, but its the best version of AMT's work.
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