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SFdebris in his review of the film compares the situation to moving a few cabins that are downstream so that a river can be dammed, thus providing electricity to millions.
A comparison that only works if the cabins are in one country and the people wanting to dam the river are from another, or did I miss the part were the Baku joined the federation before the events of the film.

This is why the analogy to imperialism is a false one that substitutes loaded terms for an argument.
Again did I miss the part were the Baku joined the federation before the events of the film, because otherwise its one nation imposing its will on another aka imperialism

Also, if you reject "the needs of the many" argument, you basically reject the entire basis of democracy, the welfare state, etc.
Listen and pay attention THE! BAKU! ARE! NOT! PART! OF! THE! FEDERATION! So the federation has no authority over them at all.

so... the basis of your entire argument is that territorial sovereignty is supreme and trumps all other considerations. Really, that's the only basis you've offered. It would be pretty flimsy even if the Baku WERE indigenous, which they weren't. So really, it's not even some kind of "mystical connection with the soil" argument you're offering, it's just pure "finders keepers."

I don't know what to say to that argument except that absolutism on a principle as constantly in motion as territory and borders strikes me as rather silly.
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