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Re: Kira's Age - She was 26 in Season One?

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Yes, that is that popular argument. In reality, it is the studios casting an older actor for a younger aged character. It always seemed kinda lazy and sometimes sloppy to me. Just find a different actor or in this case, change the age of Nana Visitor's character!
Why change the age of the character? Why is a 26-year-old major hard to accept? That's what I want to know. I expect that anyone involved in the resistance that lived to be over 30 was probably a colonel or a general.
Agreed. And with Bajor in shambles following the Cardassian withdrawal, the provisional government needed as many able persons as possible to fill the ranks of the Militia, IMO. If someone was even half-way competent, they probably made them an officer and assigned them their ranks depending on their duties.
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