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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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Oh, and apparently network bosses pressuret Roddenberry to include a chaplain in TOS. He adamantly refused.
No he didn't, there was a chapel in two TOS episodes, it was used for a wedding ceremony and later a memorial service.
Yes, there was a generic chapel space for various seremonies, but the chaplain part is true. He didn't want Starfleet to have chaplains.
Where are you getting the "didn't want chaplains in TOS" thing in the first place? Do you have a reference? As you're probably aware, Roddenberry wrote only a small handful of the scripts. Balance of Terror (which featured a chapel) was written by Paul Schneider. The Tholian Web (another chapel employing episode) was written by Judy Burns and Chet Richards. Roddenberry was famous for changing a few lines in a script to get part of the writing credit. He doesn't appear as one of the writers of either of these two scripts because he had no hand in them. Likely the reason there isn't a chaplain in either episode is they didn't want to pay another actor for a speaking role. And not a Roddenberry imposed directive not to have a chaplain.

Where does the network applying pressure for a chapel come from as well? Did NBC (or Lucille Ball) call up Gene one day and insist there be "a chapel" in TOS's eighth episode? There was a scripted wedding scene, that came from writer Paul Schneider, not NBC.

Wikipedia wrote:
He stubbornly resisted the effort of network execs to put a Christian chaplain on the crew of the Enterprise
Just out of curiosity, who wrote that wikipedia entry? Anyone who knows what they're talking about?

So yes, we can find offassional references to religion, especially in TOS. The general idea is still clear: in future humans are mostly atheistic.
Given his conflicting statements in "Where Silence Has Lease" and "Who Watches the Watchers" it's completely impossible to call Captain Picard an atheist. If future humans are mostly atheistic, perhaps you can site some examples of characters who are, because while we have see some examples of character with beliefs and faiths, where are all these atheists?

Praying for somene's safe return will not make them less or more likely to return safely.
And still the highly logical Vulcans did pray for someone's return, and they did return safely. How about that?

Similarly I assume Vulcans have scientific understanding of Katras, even though the details are not spelled out on the screen.
What is "spelled out on screen" is that when Sarek wanted his son's katra refused into his physical body, McCoy and Spock were brought to a Vulcan Temple, and the one who perform the re-fusion was a Vulcan High Priestess.

Not science, spirituality.

There's no indication in any of the five series or eleven movies that the Vulcans understand the concept of katras scientifically. As it's a matter of the living spirit, scientific understanding might be impossible.

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Haven't there been many episodes where that's exactly the main plot line, wrestling with ethical and moral questions and issues?
Yes. And they use their human ethics to solve those tituations, not consult scriptures.
But if their ethical and moral grounding is based upon their religious and spiritual up bringing, and life long instruction, then the solutions that they arrive at would come from there.

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