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The Walking Dead: The Comics VS. The T.V. Show **SPOILERS**


So from Time to I see in the T.V. Show thread people post in spoiler codes about what happens in the comic as opposed to the show, I finally got access to the comics and started reading them and even though I’m only up to #12 I thought it would be interesting to have a thread where it could be openly discussed, from this point on read at your own risk (so to speak).


Like I said, I'm up to book #12 I have to say I’m mixed as to which I like better, the books are a lot faster paced, at this point Rick and crew have left the farm and found the prison.
That faster pace is nice but in the same token you lose a lot of the dramatics.

For one Shane dies in book six right after Amy dies and Jim is bit as opposed to the end of the second season.
At this point there is no Darrell and Tyreese(T-dog?) is hooked up with Carol.
Also Dale and Andrea are a couple…Ummm EWWW!!!

One of the things I think the show did better was the whole farm bit, ( even though I though the show drug it out a bit too much ) Sophia never went missing, at this point she is still alive and well.
Another is Herschel let it be know from the very start that walkers were in the barn.
Lastly (at this point) the farm never gets over run.

If Rick and crew ever visit the CDC they haven’t yet, like I said they just now found the prison.

As much as the show is based on the Comic it isn’t really because there are a lot of things that have happened in the show that hasn’t happened in the same timeline in the comic.
Not saying they won’t at some point, again I’m only up to book #12.

I’m done for now, feel free to discuss, I’ll take my own spoiler warning and read with caution as I don’t want too much of the comic spoiled.


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