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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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The Cubs sign Japanese closer Fujikawa to 2-year deal

The deal is reportedly worth 9.5 million, $1M signing bonus plus $4M per year.

Good deal or no?
Good deal. There's also a $5.5 million option that vests based on games finished. If it doesn't vest, it becomes a club option.

You can never have too many assets, and Fujikawa is an asset, considering he has a 1.36 ERA in Japan and a world-class fastball. It's not like signing him is going to change their long-term plans, and there's a very good chance it's part of the long-term plans. If he performs well, they can trade him for more long-term pieces, or they can spin Marmol (my gut instinct is that he's gone after the winter meetings). Or, maybe he's effective for six or seven years and they keep him around. Not every move you make has to be acquiring young, cost-controlled talent.
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