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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Aha, so Fried's theme in Duning's scores does get a credit, as expected. I hadn't expected the "Requiem" Brahms paraphrase to be on Disc 4, though. And I was wrong about the ordering of the Duning scores. This leaves "And the Children Shall Lead" for Disc 5, which is kind of an anticlimax, the least impressive score of the season. Hopefully there will be enough cool extras and surprises there to make up for it. But what else could there be by this point? I think we've got all the source music now -- the Orion dance, the "Way to Eden" and "Plato's Stepchildren" songs, the Brahms.

And this should be the last disc that has any previously released content, although only in new performances. Label X Vol. 1 included a suite from "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" arranged for the album by George Duning himself and conducted by Tony Bremner, and selections from "The Empath" were on Varese Sarabande Vol. 2 conducted by Fred Steiner. Cues that have not had a previous version released are:

Enter Marvick
My Life Is Here/I Must Know/Starship Party
Unknown Void
What Is Ugly?/Why?
Mind Link/Spock—Kollos
Hero Spock
Don’t Move/Spock Out

"The Empath":
Starship Again/Nova Phase/What Happened?
Lost Trio
The Vians/Kirk Stunned/Force Field
Slow Motion Kirk
One Specimen/Kirk Tortured/Kirk’s Agony
Vians’ Threat
How’s It Going/Spock’s Hypo
Gem Wistful
Poor McCoy/Bedside Manner/No Interference
Don’t Touch Me
Off Again

Typos on the earlier albums: "Marvick Pleads" is "Marvick Pleades"; "Marvick Berserk" is spelled "Beserk"; "Vians' Farewell" is "Vian's Farewell." Neither album acknowledges the incorporation of Fried's "Mr. Spock."

Thanks for the interview link, Neil. Good to hear more about the process. I've heard that Pops arrangement of the Courage theme before, I think on the Cincinnati Pops album Star Tracks with Erich Kunzel conducting. I think it may have debuted there and been picked up by the Boston Pops later, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, good track selection from "Enemy Within." I really like the first part of "An Impostor." What's interesting, though, about "Bruised Knuckles" -- and really a lot of the "Enemy Within" score -- is that I tend to think more of "Arena" when I hear it, and I'm probably not alone there.
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