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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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What would've been cool was if we'd gotten a whole episode about astromechs, with almost all the dialogue in untranslated bleeps and whistles. That would've been an interesting stylistic experiment, kind of like making a silent film.
That's too thoughtful for LucasCronies Ltd. With each new version of Star Wars starting with Jedi, the push to make one incidental comic relief take center stage has dealt serious blows to the credibility of the franchise.

For every minor R2 or little Death Star robot in A New Hope, now--especially anything from the prequels-forward, there's too many moments of muppet-like CG bickering, battledroid slapstick/one-liners, and other sight gags that were far and few between in episodes 4 and 5.
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