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Re: How would famous sci-fi military leaders tackle the Death Star?

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For instance, Ender Wiggin - or anyone for that matter - suiciding capital ships to do the job. First, it might not work - who knows how tough the shield is? - and second, even if the Rebellion is successful here, it will need all the ships it can hold on to to finish off the rest of the Imperial fleet and liberate Imperial worlds. You can't do that if you blow up most of your fleet destroying one space station.
Very good point. That's why the Rebellion at Yavin did not have capital ships there for the expected arrival of the 1st Death Star: resources of that kind were thin, and fighters not only stand a better chance of evading DS defenses, but are easier to repair and/or replace (as seen in Return of the Jedi as new fighter types were added to the fleet).
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