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Re: What do you want to see in TAS Remastered?

In an ideal world I'd see TAS redone with good 2D style animation as opposed to cgi like that seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I think it would best respect the original artistic integrity (and, yes, there is that in TAS) while also making it more enjoyable for younger viewers. There was a lot of good and interesting ideas in TAS, but the final result was just too static overall, and that was evident even when the show was first broadcast. At the time the static quality wasn't minded so much because it was new Star Trek in addition to the oft-viewed reruns of the original seventy-nine TOS episodes. But time has long eroded that novelty.

A redone TAS would make the show more visually appealing, but it still couldn't help that truncated feeling a lot of the episodes have, the sense that scenes and story are missing to fit the episode into a half hour format.
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