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Re:Year Of Hell where anything happens relationship

Approximately the same thing happened in Parallax (just after Caretaker) where the major disruption finally expodes and the entire scene fades back to a time before the event. Sometimes I think Leonard Nimoy writes these paradoxes just to feel ahead of everybody.
It wouldn't be too difficult to write a long list about the sameness of these time paradoxes (advanced machinery that gets powered and tried to the extreme,etc.) But one cannot disallow the fact that the whole event developed some type of consort whether real or virtual. Anything big powerful and complicated usually acquires, after awhile, some sort of thing to prove its placement in the time-space contiuum and long before the beginning of event is sparked off.
Janeway must be very wise about these possibilies or she wouldn't give series of commands that would lead to the end of this bizarre performance.
Janeway #1: Think, people we need options.
Janeway #2: I agree captain.
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