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Re: Starfleet Marine Corps

JoeZhang wrote: View Post
Why are we calling them Marines not Soldiers?
For safety. If you ever want to start a fist fight with a marine, look him in the eye and call him a "soldier."

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
I suggest that the TOS incarnation of them, wears the same kind of uniform as the rest of Starfleet, but in black. Don't tell me that wouldn't look cool.
Or Green.

I wrote a fanfic once that when a younger Kirk was assigned to the long term survey of Neural (Tyree's planet), he was transferred TDY to the infantry, because they do the long term surveys, while the fleet does "scan and dash" investigations. This is why we sometimes would see Kirk wearing that green wrap around shirt, he's "entitled" to wear the color.

Bry_Sinclair wrote: View Post
security personnel will be trained well enough to handle just about anything the galaxy has to throw at them
I think that the security personnel we see are basically military police. And while like modern day MP's they can be employed in combat, it isn't their specialty. A security guard might be able to (in an emergency) take the helm, but not their primary training.

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