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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Okay, time for first impressions. I just saw The Child and Where Silence has Lease as well as the special features on the first disc and the gag reel on disc 3. Here are my thoughts at this time.
  • As previously reported the live action footage looks as good and at times better than the first season. This is without a doubt the best work HTV has ever delivered. Because of the different filmstock used and some different lighting choices, the overal look of the show is pretty dark. But it looks fabulous in HD. Ten Foward for example looks exquisite as does Worf's holodeck program. Colors are mostly muted but sometimes splash from the screen. Superb.
  • The sound is vastly improved. The theme during the opening credits sounds far better than in the first season (I believe it was re-recorded back in the day for season 2). Dialogue sounds better and LFE is noticably stronger in these mixes.
  • The extras are of course superb, but more importantly, this time around there are NO audio-sync issues. The gagreel is hilarious and the Reading Rainbow feature (which I had not seen before) is actually quite informative.
  • The effects vary in quality but are not as bad as some of you might fear. The Child looks great from start to finish. Where Silence Has Lease features some problematic shots. The holodeck exit appearing in Worfs holodeck program looks dreadful, as do the probe launches. But these effects looked bad in the SD versions as well. HTV could've gone to a bit more trouble to improve upon these shots though.
  • The season three trailer looks gobsmackingly good. I am not someone who tends to exaggerate, but I couldn't believe my eyes. What surprised me was the excellent and bold color reproduction. The colors are more vibrant even than in the first season. It looks like a completely different show. The visual effects as in season 1 look better than most movies, back then and arguably now. I absolutely can't wait for season 3.
I have only seen 2 episodes but I'm very pleased with this set. I of course was prepared for the quality drop in visual effects, but even taking that in consideration, the jump in quality from SD is huge.
I just can't wait to see full-HD Season 3 trailer. You guys say it is so awesome, it may fix the bad feelings from S2 and put a candy in front of me to look forward to. LOL.

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