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Re: Young Caesar series from Starz (Spartacus spinoff)

Young Caesar was not terrribly interesting in himself. He was a nephew of Marius and son-in-law to Cinna, who are completely neglected in popular drama. As a kind of hereditary popularis, it was surprising that he survived Sulla's triumph, especially given that he refused to divorce his wife. It was those other men who were the movers and shakers. Defying Sulla is exciting in one way but marital fidelity sure isn't the Starz way. And I believe that Sulla took him out of politics by making him Flamen Dialis, a priesthood that restricted his activities. I guarantee you that isn't the Starz way.

Of course there are the famous stories about how well he dressed and King Nicomedes of Bithynia. But I don't think that foppery is the Starz way either, and there's no way Caesar Queen of Bithynia is going to make it onto Starz.

Caesar wasn't even the main politician appealing for popular support for most of his career. Both Catiline and Publius Clodius were more colorful and significant.

The only thing for Starz is Caesar and the pirates. It's a good enough story but it's a movie, not a series.

If this actually comes about, this Caesar will have about as much to do with Roman history as the one in Xena.
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