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Re: How would famous sci-fi military leaders tackle the Death Star?

Interrupting the fun for a serious analysis.

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I'm just getting into military science fiction, and started wondering about how various famous military sci-fi characters would handle the Battle of Endor. For instance, what would Ender Wiggin, Honor Harrington, John Farragut or Black Jack Geary (to name a few) do in Admiral Ackbar's place, and using only the forces Ackbar has in the movie?
The problem with your question is that saddling the other commander with Ackbar's forces also saddles him or her with Ackbar's limitations. The attack on the Death Star was executed in the best way available: Commandos to take out the shield generator, a task force to engage the local Imperial fleet, fighters to get into the unfinished structure and attack a vulnerable part of the station. The plan was designed to exploit the enemy's weaknesses and the Rebellion's strengths, and even at that, the probability of success is less than optimal. A different plan, no matter who was commanding, would have even lower odds and might be even more costly, successful or not.

For instance, Ender Wiggin - or anyone for that matter - suiciding capital ships to do the job. First, it might not work - who knows how tough the shield is? - and second, even if the Rebellion is successful here, it will need all the ships it can hold on to to finish off the rest of the Imperial fleet and liberate Imperial worlds. You can't do that if you blow up most of your fleet destroying one space station.

If you let the other commander use his or her own resouces, that's a different story.
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