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Re: Why is humor lacking in so much modern sci-fi?

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As to your comments on the original BSG, why do you guys cling to the false claim that that series was campy? It was not. Just because you don't like it, doesn't make it so. It just means that you don't like it.
I think that works both ways though. Just because you don't find it to be campy, doesn't mean that others don't. It just means that you don't find it campy.
Like just about anything else, it's camp factor is entirely subjective depending on how the viewer sees the show.

Getting back to humor, I thought SGU was often funny, more so once the actors and characters had settled into their roles aboard the ship and relationships had started to set in. It was different from the way that SG-1 and Atlantis had used humor though and was never right on point. It was a bit more subtle and dry and to that effect trying to be funny in the same way as its predecessors wouldn't have worked due to the story and tone they were tying to achieve.
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