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Re: Comic Book, TV, Movie Podcasts?

Filmspotting has long been my favorite podcast. There's also a "spin-off" called Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit that focuses on, as the name suggests, streaming media (VOD, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, etc.).

If you're interested in movie and television-related interviews (directors, writers, etc.), I have a couple suggestions: KCRW's The Treatment, hosted by film critic Elvis Mitchell; and The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith. The Nerdist Writers Panel also interviews various types of writers - most notably those working in television, but also in movies and comic books. Nerdist is a large podcast network, so I'd recommend taking a look at some of their other offerings as well.

On the television-specific front, I'd second Takeru's recommendation for Talking TV with Ryan Ryan. I also occasionally enjoy listening to Firewall & Iceberg, hosted by critics Alan Sepinwall and Dan Fienberg.

For comics, one of my friends recommends 11 O'Clock Comics (thus seconding Mike Farley). Said friend is a host on Distinguished Comic Book Podcast.

Speaking of friends with podcasts...

You can also find more recommendations in this Misc. thread and in this old TVM thread.
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