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Re: Myth of the fake geek girl.

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Honestly, I'm not sure what the author is trying to say here.
Exactly. I feel like there is some huge backstory that I'm missing.

I always thought guys liked geek girls. Especially hot ones with glasses.
Yeah. Not to be disgusting, but most of the geeks I know salivate at the prospect of a girlfriend who loves comics, sci-fi, and fantasy like they do. It's practically a match made in heaven!
Honestly, I suspect part of it is the anger that there can be someone who shares their interests but still doesn't like them. At least if they "weren't geeks" they wouldn't share the same interests and that can be grounds for rejection. Once they find someone unobtainable who says they share the same interests, they have to pretend that person isn't real and is just faking it.
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