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Re: Killing them Softly

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Apparently, it was pushed back in the US to increase its chances during awards season. I was a little surprised, insofar as the last I knew it was still set for September release. I had thought perhaps it was one of those films that came and went before anyone knew it.
Ouch. Looks like it pretty much did come and go in the U.S.
  • Brad Pitt's Killing Them Softly opened nationwide to a soft $2.5 million, coming in No. 6 and earning a rare F CinemaScore....Killing Them Softly likely will open to $7 million, a disappointing number even though the movie cost only $15 million to produce.

I noticed a really odd trailer for this on TV about a week ago. It tried to make Pitt's character look like a traditional action hero. I wonder if that isn't part of the reason for the "F" grade with audiences: they went in expecting "Brad Pitt's Die Hard," or "Ocean's 1."
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