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Re: History Channel needs an intervention...Ancient Aliens...SERIOUSLY

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Despite your stoic defense, they do do that very thing, and they do it often. The most notable example I can think of off the top of my head is the Archimedes death ray. "Well, we got a bunch of kids to stand here with some crap mirrors we handed them, and golly gosh gee, after a couple hours (if that) of trying, they just couldn't do it. MYTH BUSTED!!!!!!!!"
And then they revisited it twice more to double-check their findings. That's what you're overlooking. They're always willing to revisit a conclusion and change their minds.

Look, I concede their methodology has gotten a bit sloppier in recent years. But one thing they would never do is say "aliens did it." That's getting it completely backward. If anything, the Mythbusters err on the side of skepticism, not credulity. They don't start out believing something is true and then twist the facts to support it, the way those ancient-astronaut specials do. They go into the testing with an open mind and base their conclusion on the test results. Yes, they're often too quick to accept their experimental results without further testing or corroboration, but that's a completely different type of error in judgment from "aliens built the pyramids." They are on the side of science; they just aren't always as conscientious about it as they should be. Specials about ancient astronauts or vast conspiracies or the other X-Filesy stuff that gets passed off as educational cable these days are anti-science, and the Mythbusters loathe that kind of thinking. Go back and watch how scornful Adam and Jamie were toward perpetual motion and faked-Moon-landing conspiracy theories, and how much glee they took in exposing what a bunch of idiocy they were.
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