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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Image of the Fendahl (Fourth Doctor).

A fun story but I had to think about this one a little as I was watching it as there seemed to be some large plot holes. There was no explanation about what the Fendahleen were, how the Doctor knew about them and why the skull was found on Earth. Then in the final episode the Doctor gave a good deal of exposition and the questions were answered. The one question that wasn't answered was why Stael thinks he can control the Fendahleen to give him ultimate power and how he found out about them in the first place.
There's always an idiot megalomaniac human who thinks he can control the aliens to attain ultimate power.

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Try the Cloth-Faced Cybermen (The 10th Planet?). At first glance, they make you roll your eyes, but, a minute or two into their first appearance and they're the creepiest ever.
Agreed. I've never seen "The Tenth Planet." But whenever I see clips from it, I find them to be the creepiest things in the history of the series.

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The Key to Time: The Ribos Operation (Fourth Doctor).

Another excellent story by Robert Holmes though comparatively quiet in relation to The Talons of Weng-Chiang. [...] The dialog between the two con-artists worked well, Cuthbertson gave his character Garron a great sense of comic timing.
If there's one thing that Robert Holmes excels in, it's writing delightfully funny intersteallar con artists. This is the same guy who gave us Vorg in "Carnival of Monsters," Sabalom Glitz in "The Trial of a Time Lord," and the con artist in "The Power of Kroll."

I love this one exchange between the Doctor & Romana in "The Power of Kroll":
"I know a rogue when I see a rogue and I have no desire to die in the company of a rogue. Have you any desire to die in the company of a rogue?"
"I have no desire to die at all."
"Yes, I know that feeling."
Well I'd consider Vorg and Shirma in Carnival Of Monsters to be showmen not con men and Rohm Dutt in The Power OF Kroll was a gun runner.
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