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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

Alidar Jarok wrote: View Post
It's ending the second movie that worries me. I'm afraid they'll do it after the death of Smaug, but I think there are serious problems with that. The book (like the LOTR movies) have false ending problems. And audience members who aren't familiar with the story will have been told this is the quest to kill a dragon. They'd be kind of confused when there's a third movie and the dragon is dead.
Yeah, a post-Smaug film would certainly feel anti-climactic, even if ...

mswood wrote: View Post
but at least with the material we have been shown so far, there is a real push not to just kill the dragon and get the gold, but to reclaim Erebor, and to get their home back.

If the first movie and realy lays down that aspect, teh history of Erebor, teh pride of the Dwarves, ect. And we are shown that Smaug isn't the only obstacle just one of them for that to occur, then I see no issue with Smaug meeting his end in the 2nd film. Its not like its really tied that much tot eh actions of Bilbo or the Dwarves, except indirectly.
This is a good point and certainly fits the material we've shown thus far. It could definitely work, however, how does the end of Gandalf's business at Dol Guldur fit in? Do you also put that in Film 2?

If you put it at the beginning of Film 3, there's some odd timing issues the movies will have to play around with (not that Jackson hasn't done that with LOTR). In the book, the White Council finishes with Dol Guldur just about at the end of Barrels out of Bond, giving him a chance to "rejoin" the Company at the opportune moment. If PJ wants to play around with timing, he can move the White Council to some point just before Smaug's demise. Film 2 would still have it a natural climactic moment and leave the biggest narrative thread unresolved.

At least, that's what I hope he does.
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