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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

Festivus Toad wrote: View Post
No one wants to watch someone wrestle with the moral questions of others while in space.
Haven't there been many episodes where that's exactly the main plot line, wreastling with ethical and moral questions and issues?

We don't even have any evidence that Starfleet vessels have chaplains.
What is being discussed would be a new type of character.

Who Watches the Watchers seems to shoot down human-based relgion entirely
I thought that was a Vulcanoid-based religion.

and who the hell wants to watch a Andorian talk about his Gods?
Would make for a good episode, too bad we never got Shran to wax philosophically about Andorian beliefs.

No one would watch it. No one would air it.
Remember, we're talking about just one new character in the mix of other crewmembers. TNG did well introducing both a councilor and a security officer as main characters on the show.

Change can be good.

Longinus wrote: View Post
Oh, and apparently network bosses pressuret Roddenberry to include a chaplain in TOS. He adamantly refused.
No he didn't, there was a chapel in two TOS episodes, it was used for a wedding ceremony and later a memorial service.

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