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Re: Comic Book, TV, Movie Podcasts?

I did just start with the's podcast since they announced the Disney buy. I can't quite tell if I like it or not, it's like a typical radio show but they seem to be really brown-nosing for George Lucas. Don't get me wrong I actually like the Prequels, but it seems like they're not allowed to say anything negative about the franchise...
The thing is they sort of have to if they want certain guests. They are more pro-establishment. As afar as SWpodcasts go...

I would highly recommand the Starwarsreport done by Nathan P. Butler who really knows his stuff:

If you want a fun and naughty Trek podcast done by guys who kinda know their stuff but they arenot into the books as far as i know:

Literary treks is a new podcast about Treklit:

The Black Tribbles is a great podcast about black nerds and they talk about a lot of nerdy things:
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