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Re: Buffy Season Six

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I ended up being much less bother by the way Warren died than I expected - because it was pretty quick, and because he really was too stupid and unlikeable to live at the end.
I don't think we're really supposed to be upset about Warren's death. Yes he's a human, but he was undeniably a villain and probably the most unpleasant human we've met so far in the show. I think our emotional angle on that is supposed to be that it's sweet, mousy, gentle Willow who is killing him. The problem with that is that Willow has been acting so unpleasantly herself for most of this season that we have comparatively little sympathy left for her either.

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Though, Adam as a thematically appropriate foe, really? I don't have anything especially against Adam, but he was just... meh. Frankenstein but not done especially well, I guess.
The Scoobies' arc in season 4 is about fracturing as a group, finding new people to hang out with, not being the close-knit team they were because of the move to college. That's why it's vital that the four of them come back together at the end, joining together literally and figuratively to show that they're stronger together than apart. Adam, meanwhile, is a creature literally made by joining other people and things together. That's why the Scoobies also have to be united to defeat him.

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Once you've done a god of a hell dimension, how do you rise in scale from that? ... The only thing to do was go smaller, more intimate.
Gay as it may sound, I can compare this to Madonna albums. After she'd gone as far out there as possible and flashed her flange at the whole world with Erotica and the Sex book, what else could she do but put some clothes back on and turn to romance with Bedtime Stories? When you've done something which pretty much by definition is as far as you can go, what do you follow it with? Something completely different. (And I don't think the First was actually a stronger bad guy than Glory, at least not physically. The First was ineffective in and of itself - its only power lay in persuading you that you were powerless.)

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I'd sooner criticize her deciding to put the whammy on Tara's mind in the first place being out of character, but even that makes sense based on some of what Dark Willow was saying.
Even that I don't see as being out of character for Willow. As far as she's ever pushed that aspect before, certainly, but there's a logical progression that's got her there. She's been using magic to punish others for hurting her emotionally (as opposed to saving the innocent) at least since early season 4, "Wild at Heart," where she tried to cast a spell to punish Oz for cheating on her with Veruca. The "my will be done" spell of "Something Blue" came right after. It's not new behaviour for her. Even in "Welcome to the Hellmouth" she used her superior knowledge of computers to punish Cordelia and Harmony for hurting her emotionally ("Press the deliver button").

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A lot more could've been done with Dawn's kleptomania, I agree with that. But even from what little we saw: people in her life kept disappearing. Her mom died suddenly, her sister died saving her - and then was brought back, but emotionally cold and distant, her "surrogate older sisters/mothers" that she adored broke up and one moved out. Riley's sudden up and leaving seems to have affected her. The first boy she fell for and kissed turned out to be a vampire trying to kill her (and well played on that decision, Joss & co). Even her own nature probably haunts her as being impermanent and ephemeral before she was summoned into being with a rewritten backstory. So she takes stuff and keeps it, because it can't leave her. Dawn's pretty consistently shown as somebody that craves affection and validation and belonging, latching onto Xander, Riley, Willow, Tara, even Spike.
See, that's an analysis that I'd never considered of that storyline. I got that it was about seeking attention, but the "don't leave me" aspect is new to me and I like it a lot.

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