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Re: The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Discussion

I haven't checked for a long while so color me surprised and impressed by the viewer ratings.. they have more than doubled from roughly 8 million in the first season (which is not bad for a new show) to over 17 for the last few episodes.

So Big Bang is here to stay.. their renewal includes season 7 but i guess if they keep up the interest and everyone agrees it'll go on.

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Seriously, wives/girlfriends who are friends would start bickering because their husbands are fighting over a parking spot? You stand by your man but not over something so stupid. Why even get involved?
If someone insults your guy you will let it slide? Even if it's over something trivial and stupid? You're bigger woman than most i know.. i think it's normal that people take sides. In this episode it just escalated a bit the same as it escalated with the men.
"Chewie, we're home.."
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