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Re: History Channel needs an intervention...Ancient Aliens...SERIOUSLY

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The Mythbusters would never say anything like that. Usually they've been pretty good at assessing the veracity of claims of ancient technology, and they've often verified those claims or at least determined them to be plausible. And they've been known to go back and retest things to get more accurate data. So please don't lump them together with the idiots who'd say things like that.
Despite your stoic defense, they do do that very thing, and they do it often. The most notable example I can think of off the top of my head is the Archimedes death ray. "Well, we got a bunch of kids to stand here with some crap mirrors we handed them, and golly gosh gee, after a couple hours (if that) of trying, they just couldn't do it. MYTH BUSTED!!!!!!!!"

Seriously. A bunch of kids, several of which weren't even in their teens, was enough for them to ''prove'' it was completely impossible. Not that I'm saying that it was possible or that was the only thing they tried, it's just a shining example of the half-assed crap they pull far too often. It's downright embarrassing and every bit as asinine as what the clowns on this show say every single episode.

The idea of trial and error, dedication, discipline, and the shedding of blood, sweat, and tears in pursuit of getting the job done right are all things that are completely alien to MythBusters.
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