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Re: MLP:FiM S3 Episode 5 - "Magic Duel"

That was a really good episode! It had a very atmospheric start, and didn't waste anytime getting into the action.

As others have mentioned, there were many great nods to previous episodes like Pinkie playing instruments, the Parasprites, and so on. And, of course, the return of Trixie.

It was great to see Zecora again, and great to see a Twilight-centric episode to boot. Zecora as Yoda was quite good. Did anyone else chuckle at Twilight constantly spilling Zecora's drink? It was a subtle gag that I enjoyed.

Fluttershy was also great in this episode, first being ignored during the book scene and then making her way to the forest.

The climax and ending were quite enjoyable. When Zecora said "use the six," I thought the Elements of Harmony would be back, but the fake amulet and disguises were a great solution. (Did anyone notice the Mayor locked in the cage?)

Lyra drinking a soda besides Bon-Bon was something I didn't notice until my second viewing--great background gag. Saddle Arabia was another great horse/pony city-name pun.

I was glad to see (mostly) redeemed Trixie at the end, and hope she returns again in the future.

The fourth-wall-shattering ending was a hilarious way to close the episode. (And, the original mouse-removing-mouth gag was delightfully meta!)

All in all, the season continues its good-to-excellent run here. I give this one an A.

Season 3 Episode Ratings
A: The Crystal Empire, Too Many Pinkie Pies, Magic Duel
B: One Bad Apple
C: (None So Far)
D: (None So Far)
F: (None So Far)
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