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Re: Love, hate and the AMT Enterprise model

I built a number of the AMT kits back in the '70s, but my first one I got for Christmas in 1970 is the one I recall the most fondly. That said it was a sloppily designed kit for what it needed to be. Still, it transported me to the farthest reaches of imagination. What I remember most was how I felt about it all back then---pure joy.

Today I recognize it as a disappointing kit as seen through an adult's eyes. Although I can recall how I felt so long ago I just can't put myself back into that youthful perspective. When Polar Lights released their (albeit small) 1/1000 kit of the original Enterprise it was a huge leap forward in terms of accuracy, kit design and build quality (ease of build). Although small it is such a superior model to the AMT kit.

And now I've just received a Premiere Edition of the new 1/350 scale Enterprise kit from Round2, forty-two years after my first AMT kit and less than a month before Christmas. There is practically no commonality between this and the old AMT kit...

...except that opening the box reawakened a feeling I haven't felt in forty years.
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