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Re: How do you deal with Depression?

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If you embue every moment and aspect of your life with meaning then all you see is punishment and reward, seemingly dealt to the least-deserving people. But if you recognize it for what it is, a tiny, meaningless flash in the middle of an incomprehensibly huge explosion, you can see that what meaning it holds is yours to determine. Just because life will shit on you sometimes doesn't mean you need to help it take down its pants and squat.
How wonderfully said. Acceptance of life as it comes without seeking to stamp meaning on it - that's definitely the key. If you try to impose your expectations on life, it will disappoint you, frustrate you, and you'll live in a miserable state of mind, trying to grasp onto something that can't be grasped. I'm reminded of Taoism, and its emphasis on harmonious yielding, and of achieving success through surrendering the desire to do so. Channeling your will into harmony with the natural patterns of the universe rather than railing against them, and seeking a means of applying oneself in a non-assertive way to maximise happiness and success.
Why thank you. I don't really strive for harmony or anything, but I like the idea.
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The best thing I even did during my depression (and during my life" was stick with a totally unexpected romantic relationship despite its painfulness at times. In two months that girl will become my wife. If I had surrendered to the depression I fear would be alone in a one room apartment today.
Be thankful for that one. Some of us cannot get that. I've heard repeatedly that having someone in your corner and not being alone makes a world of difference.
I'm sure it does, but it's not the only thing in life. I know it's trite, but there's truth to the saying that it's easier to find love once you've learned to love yourself. I've never had a serious relationship. I've definitely never been in love. But I also recognize that the quality and value of my life don't depend on that -- nor should they.

Propita, I'd imagine going without your thyroid meds would be quite dangerous! With insulin, death is pretty quick if one stops taking it. I only lasted a month because I was still taking some insulin, I was just manipulating my injections to keep my blood sugar raised, causing weight loss -- something called diabulimia. As I mentioned, this behavior is considered an eating disorder that is unique to type 1 diabetics. About 30% of women with type 1 diabetes have suffered from it at least once in their lifetimes, sadly. If I stopped taking insulin altogether I think I would last only a few days.

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