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Re: Season's Greetings! Early TOS & TAS toys and-

I had perhaps 3 of the photonovels until I was 22. We were in Jacksonville, visiting an uncle. My husband and I took a walk, and along the way we saw a sci-fi/comic store. I *had* to go in.

They had the ENTIRE SET of photonovels! I felt like I had entered Ali Baba's cave. I wheedled a loan out of my husband and bought them.

Man, that was great in the days before even VHS.

My brother and I had the Big E plastic models in the early 1970s. I had all 3 of the Making Of type books, the earliest novels (minus the Concordance which I couldn't afford at the time) and film clips from Lincoln Enterprises, which I still own.

I sure loved Trek back then. And my brother and a handful of buddies were the only fellow Trekkies I knew.
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