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Re: ST: DS9, New Blood (First Relaunch Fic)

Your new additions to DS9’s crew compliment are settling in and beginning to get their bearings. Martoni is giving Quark fits, and Strickland is giving everyone fits.

I love the day-to-day station business, from chasing voles to the cargo inspections, reminding the reader that these days, beyond the drama of the Dominion War, DS9 is still an operational outpost, and life goes on.

Quark’s discovering that not everyone in Starfleet will cut him the latitude that Captain Sisko seemed to, and that Strickland (and by extension Martoni) are going be digging around in his extracurricular ‘business ventures’ at every opportunity. I really liked how the AWG recognized the Ferengi’s intel potential.

The grim look at present day Cardassia was a good reminder of how well those assigned to the station have it by comparison. Kudos to Robin’s parents for helping to make a contribution to Cardassia’s recovery.

Wonderful stuff, keep it coming!
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