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Re: How do you deal with Depression?

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The best thing I even did during my depression (and during my life" was stick with a totally unexpected romantic relationship despite its painfulness at times. In two months that girl will become my wife. If I had surrendered to the depression I fear would be alone in a one room apartment today.
Be thankful for that one. Some of us cannot get that. I've heard repeatedly that having someone in your corner and not being alone makes a world of difference.
A few years ago, my soul-mate was taken by a distracted driver. It did not help that I could not legally make any of the decisions, because two males were not recognized as a couple. I had to sit on the sidelines while his parents called all the shots. Half of me died when he finally died.

Yesterday, I was officially diagnosed with depression (among other things I already deal with...). The neurologist wants me taking a Seratonin booster (anti-depressant) which I am not happy doing, but relented. Their staff psychologist retired last month and has not yet been replaced. If he had, doctor would put me in psychotherapy. I'm not ready for that step.

The depression angle is something new for me, so I'm still in shock. Friends have always commented on my optimistic outlook on life. So, calling me depressed isn't making sense... yet.
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