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Is there any company that makes these ships to scale relative to one another?

PS. After some research I noticed that AMT makes them to scale, not exactly apparantly, but close enough. I wouldn't mind having all the Enterprises on my desk.
A few individual ships, maybe, like the Reliant, the first two Enterprises, and Klingon Battle Cruiser, but for most, I would suspect it's not feasible.

Imagine the colossal size difference between a runabout and DS9, for instance.
Yeah, some will be impossible, but this AMT company has all the Enterprises to approximate scale. Pretty cool
I do have the AMT models featuring the six Enterprises to scale. There is something to be said seeing them all together, a sense of Trek history or something.

One of my hopes is now that Hasbro has the license for Trek toys--which I think covers everything from TOS to Star Trek XII last I heard--they may one day do a line of titanium Trek ships as they did both Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. It'd also be very, very cool if they did the Enterprises in scale to one another.
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