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Re: The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Discussion

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Seriously, wives/girlfriends who are friends would start bickering because their husbands are fighting over a parking spot? You stand by your man but not over something so stupid. Why even get involved?
But why should the women be any more rational or less ridiculous than the men?

Is Bernadette having Amy's car towed any sillier than grown men stealing Iron Man helmets and getting naked to prove a point?
I feel like they try to portray them as less silly, maybe with the exception of Amy. Or at least silly about different things? I mean for several seasons Penny basically served as the person we could compare them to, the "normal person" that showed us when the guys were being ridiculous. The girls all do stupid things but I've always gotten the sense that they're supposed to seem grounded in a way that the guys aren't.

But that's a double standard. By rights, the women should be entitled to act equally ridiculous and immature!

And, seriously, I think Bernadette and Amy have always been portrayed as a little off-kilter . . . .
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