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Re: Did Voyager get better or worse when Kes was replaced with 7 of 9?

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Kes wasn'st spending all her time in sickbay or in the Hydroponic Bay. She spent a lot of time on the bridge
Bring the capt. her coffee isn't exactly spending time on the bridge.

When it comes to exploring the ship and the holodeck, don't forget that it was one and a half month between "Caretaker (Stardate 48315.6=26 April 2371) and "Parallax (Stardate 48439.7=10 June 2371). She had a lot of time to explore the ship and the holodeck during those weeks.
If all that is happening off screen, then we the audience aren't watching her grow and develop thru experiences then are we?

Not to mention that there were no similar development of Neelix and the Maquis characters either. They joined the Voyager crew and BOOM! Already in "Parallax" they were all settled in in their roles at the ship.
There were issues with the Maquis up until "Meld". The Maquis in "Learning Curve" and Suder were issues dealing with Maquis not following Starfleet protocol as well as murdering a fellow officer because "He looked at me funny."
Neelix could do much of anything right.
He wasn't a very good guide or cook.
I'm not sure how that equates into settling into his role, he wasn't hired to be a jester.

Comparing Kes with Seven is unfair because the show shifted focus when Seven came in and became the main character of the show. Kes was never expected to be the main character in the same way Seven was.
Yeah, she was. In the book "Voyager Companion" it describes Kes (who working title was "Mayfly) as the character the audience and crew would see the journey thru the eyes of. Which means she was to be the focus and we were supposed to experience everything from mainly her point of view.

Kes was a great character who personified the spirit of Star Trek with her will to learn and explore.
So Spock, Data, Odo, Worf and the Doctor weren't?
The spirit of Star Trek isn't the stories of exploring the human condition as well discussing social and political injustices? Could have sworn that's exactly what Roddenberry created it for and why he made the casts multi-cultural. IMO I would think the spirit of Star Trek resides within character that question "Who am I?" and "What is my place within the world?"

Not to mention that the show was better in the first three seasons when all the characters had their fair share of the spotlight. In the later seasons, it was all about Seven, The Doctor and Janeway.
Not really.
There were still certain characters during the first 3 seasons that received more focus over others. Robert Picardo was already getting the best lines from day 1. I wouldn't kinda hope Kate Mulgrew being in the lead role would earn her a bigger part than the rest. I'd think she herself would take issue if she didn't.
Plus, i guess if you're putting Seven's image on magazine covers, T-Shirts, video games, posters, etc. to draw in an audience, wouldn't you wanna give them what they're tuning in for? I mean Paramount is shelling out all that money, I would think they'd want to try and earn it back.
Interesting how economics plays a hand in business, isn't it?
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