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Re: Season's Greetings! Early TOS & TAS toys and-

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Mom knew I wanted Star Trek stuff for Christmas and found all the TOS photonovels at a second-hand store. Evidently, they were either a rarity (hardly anyone here remembers them) or a marketing failure.
I remember them well. They were hot sellers, and did not last long on bookstore shelves after every shipment, so it was another ST item that I found difficult to collect. Another sign of their popularity: the local middle school had a few in its library, at a time when TV entertainment books were generally no-man's land in public school.
Awesome! I have no idea why they were sitting in a second-hand shop, but we were poor farmers and I was thrilled with them. When we moved Mom sold my comic book collection [some are now worth a fortune!] and the photonovels.
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