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Comic Book, TV, Movie Podcasts?

I just recently got into the world of podcasts thanks to Kevin Smith's Smodcast, and I'm looking for reccomendations on podcasts about comic books, tv, and movies. Particularly comic books!

I did just start with the's podcast since they announced the Disney buy. I can't quite tell if I like it or not, it's like a typical radio show but they seem to be really brown-nosing for George Lucas. Don't get me wrong I actually like the Prequels, but it seems like they're not allowed to say anything negative about the franchise...

I also see that Kevin Smith has expanded into a franchise of his own with about 30 different podcasts on his website Outside of the primary Smodcast I've only listened to Fatman on Batman, which is awesome because it's Kevin Smith talking to people about Batman cartoons, movies, and comics! What about the rest, though? Any good?
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