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Re: Best episodes ever...

5) All Good Things... an epic conclusion to the series, and really captures how close the crew got and the relationships between them all. While it loses points for not making sense when you take a moment to think about it, the acting and sequences were so great you can overlook this.
4) Chain of Command... I like that they didn't shy away from the torture bit and Warner and Stewart were simply amazing in their acting. Ronny Cox was no slouch himself and I think is one of the most unjustly disliked characters in Trek. Sure he doesn't put up with any crap and is a micromanager, but he was also quite effective and wasn't a hardass just to be a jerk.
3) Tapestry... easily my favorite Q episode. This episode really makes you examine the choices you make in your life and the consequences thereof. Q is hilarious, but that's in support of the main plot. When his amusing banter becomes the center of the episode is when Q episodes go bad.
2) Darmok... to me this episode really captures what Star Trek is about. The hope to meet new races and establish contact. Also the Tamarian style of language is to be commended, even if it's not wholly practical in some ways. The only disappointing thing in the episode was we never saw these guys again.
1) All Good Things... well it's hardly an original thought, but this was a purely epic episode on so many levels. Back when the Borg were actually scary rather than being just another disgruntled villain(pretty much before the First Contact/Voyager facepalms). Really the only awkward moment is Riker just going back to second in command. Wish TNG would've used this as a chance to rock the boat and take a chance with Riker taking another command. The idea of another series was already being floated around then and Trek was at the height of it's popularity. This would reboot TNG as a few new crewmembers would be needed and give a new one around Captain Riker an excellent setup.
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