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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

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What I really liked in this last segment was the rationale behind why Starfleet would ultimately come out of the fight victorious. Not reading merely another space battle sequence or hearing about how some weapons are more powerful than others, but drilling down to Starfleet's experience and the scary thought that yes, in fact, they have become exceedingly good at killing if they are left with no other choice.

You Romulans and Klingons and all other 'tough' races out there who believe Starfleet to be soft. Take note.
That's the unfortunate truth. Starfleet has been forced to change to fit the times... and as we know, times are hard. And so Starfleet must be as well.

Count Zero wrote: View Post
I'm not sure how I feel about the way Starfleet has conducted itself in this story so far. They're a too close to today's military for my taste.

But as usual, well written with good character development and scenes that resonate. I also expect Ramirez to surface and it won't be pretty.
Thanks for the review!

And yes, Starfleet's mission in the Delta Quadrant is a military one. Exploration and contact with alien life play their part in Operation Vanguard, but both are secondary to the goal of protecting the Alpha Quadrant from being overrun.
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