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Re: Aliens with one name vs. aliens with two names

Robert D. Robot wrote: View Post
In "This Side of Paradise", we get this bit of dialog:

Leila Kolomi: You never told me if you had another name, Mr Spock?
Spock: You couldn't pronounce it.

(Of course, maybe Leila had some unusual speech impediment not obvious on screen, and Spock meant only that SHE couldn't pronounce it!)
Christopher wrote: View Post
^You're both right. In "This Side of Paradise," Spock told Leila that she couldn't pronounce his other name, and in "Journey to Babel," when Kirk addressed Amanda as "Mrs. Sarek," she told him that the Vulcan family name is hard for humans to pronounce, though she could say it "after a fashion and after many years of practice." Both were written by D.C. Fontana.
Unpronouncable Vulcan surnames haven't been brought up since then. (T'Lar, for instance, didn't use Sarek's supposed surname in ST3). In fact, I'm not sure there's ever been a two-named Vulcan.

Perhaps this tidbit might be best ignored, like Spock's emotions in "The Cage", Kirk's "James R. Kirk" tombstone in "Where No Man...", Data graduating in the "class of '78" in "Encounter at Farpoint", and the numerous differences between Trill on TNG and DS9.

E-DUB wrote: View Post
Then of course, there are the Cardassians. Two names, Natima Lang, Enabrin Tain, Elim Garak. Damar and Dukat only got given names in the lit-verse (unless I'm mistaken).
I think there's been enough 2-named Cardassians not to write that off as an anomaly.

In retrospect, I wish Dukat and Damar had been given names on the series proper, given the importance of both characters.

Moreover, Bariel didn't get a given name until season six, Winn didn't until season seven, and Leeta never got a first name. (I assume, of course that Leeta is her given name, not family one).

Star Grinch wrote: View Post
Jarok had two names in the Defector.

That random Starfleet time delay admiral called him "Admiral Adilar Jarok" when they confirmed who he was.
See the OP.
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