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Re: 2012 Rugby Championship thread

Given that in the mid-year games the results were Wallabies by 8, 2, and then 1, I was expecting a draw, though with about 5 to go I thought the Wallabies had lost.

Pretty much a mirror of what happened 6 months ago in the second test. Wales had the lead and a minute or so to go they get the ball, kick it away and lose the game at the death. You give the ball to the opposition, you no longer control your fate.

Very surprised by the All Blacks/England result, though I guess they had to actually lose a game sometime...just thought that it was going to be to the Boks in SA next year.

The 2015 RWC draw is on Monday and the Wallabies have avoided what some were dreading, slipping into the second tier for the draw. So they will avoid the ABs, SA and France in the pools. Seems weird to be thinking about this already.

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Well, according to that great authority on everything, Campese, "girls" shouldn't write about rugby so on that basis I should stop participating in these threads. Fortunately I don't give a crap about him or his opinions, so see you next year.
To be fair, he did clarify with his apology that was not what he meant. He meant all female journalists lack the testicular fortitude to be writing about any sports, not just rugby. Good clarification there.
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