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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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It is no way an indication that Uhura herself presumed Christ to be an actual son of God.
It's a long time I've watched TOS, but what leads you conclude that McCoy is particularly religious?
In the last scene of Bread And Circuses, where Uhura and McCoy are speaking on he bridge , there is joy in Uhura voice, and a matter of fact'ness in McCoy. There no sign that McCoy is employing sarcasm or is reciting a line out of a history book. That they are both persons of faith come from the tone of their voices, and the look on Uhura's face.

Uhura: "Don't you understand? It's not the sun up in the sky. It's the Son of God."
Kirk: "Caesar and Christ. They had them both. And the word is spreading only now."
McCoy: "A philosophy of total love and total brotherhood."

Merry, you mistake some cultural trappings for a religion.
One of those trappings being a "Vulcan Temple." Commander Tuvok referred to a Vulcan temple as being "sacred." Vulcan family's travel to the temples so that prayer can be said.

And Vulcan priests are people who are familiar with Vulcan traditions. There are no Vulcan gods.
In the (non-canon) novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Vulcans, in addition to the senses possessed by Humans, have a sense that give them the ability to perceive a oneness with The All, the universe's creative force, or God. The novelization was written by Gene Roddenberry.

One of the prime creators of Star Trek says that Vulcan do in fact have relationship with God.

And why is praying illogical? Why would you even ask that?
Why would it be illogical for Vulcans (or anyone) to pray? Vulcan know that the self survives the mortal flesh, and they (like many of us) can personal perceive God.

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