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Re: No More SOTL Calendars After 2013?

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I'm sitting here with an Andrews McMeel officially-licensed "Ships of the Line" calendar for 2012 and a Universe Publishing officially-licensed "Ships of the Line" calendar for 2013 on my lap as I type.
Well, it must've been purposely limited availability then. Here in Britain, Amazon aren't stocking it no more (besides acknowledging the ISBN, I'm not sure they ever did actually) and there are only sellers asking up to three times the RRP! They're obviously ripping people off and hiking the price up because of their scarceness.

I can't deny I was tempted for a while, until I made other arrangements in buying a calendar. But looking at the images uploaded, seeing as a few of those SOTL pictures have been recycled from previous years... no great loss. Sad it's come to that and maybe that's a sign that they're purposely weaning fans into being disinterested what had always been an essential purchase from me. One of few Star Trek ones, I don't mull over like this and usually couldn't get by without.

In past years, I've bought one on the High Street or Shopping Centre and had absolutely no problem getting one from an outfit who trade in the run up to Christmas, in just calendars. I can only find a Ships that dedicated to Abramsverse and Original Series actor portraits. No regular Star Trek SOTL in sight, or I'd have bought it... as I've done for years.

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