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Re: No More SOTL Calendars After 2013?

Well, shit! I've been so crazy over the Ships of the Line calendars that I always buy them as soon as they are released. At full price. And I've saved them going back to when I first started getting them back in 2003. This news sucks!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the SotL calendars the bestselling of the Trek calendars? Does this spell doom for the other Trek calendars? Or is this a case of the others are comparitively cheaper and easier to make since they just take a picture from a TOS episode or movie or Trek XI and stick it on a month's slot as opposed to SotL which has a new CG image which likely takes months of work and presumably the artists are paid for their work?

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I thought something like this might've happened. This year's calendar of ship art was purely Star Trek 2009 based. It's not even called "Ships of the Line" on the cover. Although clearly that's what they were aiming for.
That wasn't the Ships of the Line calendar. That was a seperate Ships of the Abramsverse calendar.
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