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Re: How do you deal with Depression?

I somehow run out of one med, for hypertension. Off it for a few days, I just took my BP--not terrible, but definitely high. Got pissed realizing it's unlikely ill be off that med. but the insulin-similar thing is my thyroid meds. I'm told that, like diabetes, going off them would be sleep, and hospitalization if I stayed off them. It can be an additional source of depression.

I can't afford to let myself go down that road. Been there, hated myself, managed to not kill myself despite the hate. But I know that path is there. I see it sometimes, I even take a step or two onto it, but then manage to turn around. I'm not sure how. That's how I know that, no matter how good things are, depression is always there, lurking and waiting to attack if I let my guard and emotions down. Maybe my personifying it gives me something I feel I can actually fight against. Sounds crazy, no?
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