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Re: No More SOTL Calendars After 2013?

I thought something like this might've happened. This year's calendar of ship art was purely Star Trek 2009 based. It's not even called "Ships of the Line" on the cover. Although clearly that's what they were aiming for.

Fourtunately 2013 is the 50th Anniversary of that other show I love, Doctor Who and I duly bought that instead. Seeing as it covered more eras than just the current one.

I'm not particularly happy about they're being no SOTL, which typically featured something from all the 5 Trek shows. But if they've stopped, then I've stopped too...

Feels funny not having a starship calendar hanging in the hallway. It's been something I bought every year without fail since 2004.

This year's will be joining, quite a stack of old ones I've got stored away in my garage someplace.
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